The Men of Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley
At the age of 23, Ryan McGinley was one of the youngest photographers to show his work  at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The same year (2003) he was named photography of the year by  American Photo Magazine. McGinley was also awarded the Young Photographer Infinity Award by the International Center of Photography in 2007. In 2009, he was honored at The Young Collectors Council’s Artists Ball at the Guggenheim Museum. A 2014 GQ article declared McGinley, “the most important photographer in America.”
McGinley’s career started in 1998 when he he moved to the East Village, and covered the walls of his apartment with Polaroid pictures of everyone who visited him there. His photography from that time in his life reflects the diversity, impassivity, sensuality and pure sexuality of youth and the East Village culture that surrounded him. Being the youngest of eight siblings, McGinley describes himself as being most comfortable in crowds, and that aspect of his personality made “photography easy:

Drew (2010)

Two Heads (2011)

Nick (2010)

Scott (2010)

More of Ryan McGinley’s photography can be seen here.

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