What’s it like to give a good blowjob?

Giving a good blowjob is a magical experience. While the penis is relatively easy to stimulate, bring it to full excitement requires some insight and practice. First, a cock always feels bigger in your mouth than it does in your hand. So – like so many things sexual – you have to relax, let it snake down your throat as far as possible and notice what it responds to. The penis will let you know what it likes with jerks and twitches. You have your tongue, the roughness of your mouth’s palette and your lips and teeth at your disposal to keep it interested. What’s exciting about giving a good blowjob is, of course, the feeling of your mouth full with the warm pulsating and throbbing shaft. But there are other nearby toys as well. There are the balls, also twitching and moving while they ready a load of semen to release. They love to be caressed and cupped. Below them is the anal sphincter that also moves with your partner’s throbbing shaft and balls. It wants attention too. And there is also the rippling plain of abdomen, a heaving chest capped with sensitive nipples. All of these want to be touched during sex.

For me, the hottest part oral sex is the finish – the cum, the ejaculation, the orgasm. Of course, the sensation of warm semen filling my mouth is a turn-on. But what gets me really into the experience is the cock’s spasms as it shoots stream after stream of cum into my throat. It surges and contracts uncontrollably as it gives up all it has to give in a moment of rawness and pleasure. At the end is a happy cock and a happy mouth.

It’s all about contractions