The Bashful Ephebe

The bashful ephebe was presented to the Tetrarch for the evening’s pleasures. The scent of unguents and attar of roses clung to his milky young flesh in the humid night air. And the Tetrarch voraciously devoured him. The boy’s cries could be heard from the Royal Tent throughout the encampment and the cohorts and concubines alike  laughed at his agony and the Tetrarch’s pleasure.

Alhem Dellhar, The Chronicles of Aloysium’ Book II
via Lango-Aurelian: the Threshold of Eroticism and Artistry

‘I Am Wet’

Excerpt from ‘I Am Wet’ by Samanthaalexia

I am wet. So damn wet Arousal tying its knots at my stomach, My legs weakening, as I imagine, the scene The scenario you have painted for me If only If only I could have you right now, Right now inside me drilling me, daddy Screwing me, Fucking me Hard and merciless Spanks, bites and […]

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