Fedor in the Studio

Photography by Evgeny Mokhorev (St. Petersburg, 2011). To see more of Mokhorev’s photography, click here

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Russian Photographer Evgeny Mokhorev

'Ivan and Bitya' (2008)
Ivan and Bitya (2008)

Born in 1967, Evgeny Mokhorev demonstrated a unique talent for photography at the age of eight. His work typically focuses on the turmoil – and often trauma – of the children of Russia, and the constant confusion and contradictions of moving from adolescence to adulthood. In 1992, after the fall of Soviet Union, Mokhorev held his first solo exhibition outside of his homeland during the ‘Mois de la Photo’ Photography Festival in Paris. His show included a series about street kids of St. Petersburg that he titled “Games Children Play.” It was there that Mokhorev gained notoriety and popularity as a photographer.

His images use natural – often limited – light, and captures the complex nature of prepubescence and adolescence: independence versus vulnerability; sensuality versus innocence and self-respect versus the need to join. Mokhorev’s work is often compared to Renaissance works of art depicting youth.

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Teens at the Lake

Andrei, Sergei, Andrei, Anastasia and Roman in Teens at the Lake (photographed by Evgeny Mokhorev, 2001)

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